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Alpine A310 Papercraft (Sports Car)

The Alpine A310 is a coupe sports car manufactured by French motor company, Alpine, it had a production run between 1971-1984. Download here

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Hovel Papercraft (Fantasy Cutouts)

Leo Hartas is an uber illustrator with deep roots in the RPG community, he is also a skilled digital painter and 3D CGI artist. Fantasy Cutouts is a papercraft site where Leo unleashes his fantastic and very detailed fantasy creations (original design btw). The models are primarily aimed at RPG board players but if you fancy his designs then definitely go for it

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Argonaut Hover Car Racer Papercraft

From Australian author Matthew Reilly’s 2004 sci-fi book “Hover Car Racer”, the ultra-fast and futuristic race car, the Argonaut. The Argonaut resembles a cross between a Formula-One race car and a Fighter Jet

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Argonaut Hover Car Racer Papercraft

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