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BIOSHOCK 2 Papercraft

Have you ever played the horror game ” BioShock”? Now’s your chance to deck out your desk, windowsill, or other empty surface with BioShock 2 characters. Bryan Green from has released free PDF papercraft patterns for five unique papercraft of BioShock 2 characters : Subject Delta, Little Sister (example below), Big Sister, Toasty and Baby Jane. Don’t hesitate to fun with them, go and get  a color printer, scissors, some double-sided tape or glue and a whole lotta patience.

DL the Subject Delta PDF
DL the Little Sister PDF
DL the Big Sister PDF
DL the Toasty PDF
DL the Baby Jane PDF

Advance Wars Black Hole Rockets

086039 Black Hole Rockets  (21-12-2009) from Advance Wars Download: parts (472 kB ZIP file) instructions (762 kB PDF file) Pictures: Webshots album Posted in Advance Wars, Black Hole

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The Legend of Zelda Hero of Twilight

084015 Hero of Twilight  (12-12-2009) from the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Download: parts (2,65 MB PDF file) instructions (2,60 MB PDF file) reverse sides (278 kB PDF file Pictures: Webshots album Posted in The Legend of Zelda

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