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Noctis Papercraft (Final Fantasy XIII)

The first Final Fantasy XIII papercraft from SD-Sascha (Sascha Kunzke), here is Noctis Lucis Caelum – main protagonist in the game.

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Black Cat Papercraft (Anime Style)

The newest cat papercraft from Yuta-mu (+Kareha), different design but pretty much the same form as their previous one (Mayo & Tiger). Download here

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BIOSHOCK 2 Papercraft

Have you ever played the horror game ” BioShock”? Now’s your chance to deck out your desk, windowsill, or other empty surface with BioShock 2 characters. Bryan Green from has released free PDF papercraft patterns for five unique papercraft of BioShock 2 characters : Subject Delta, Little Sister (example below), Big Sister, Toasty and Baby Jane. Don’t hesitate to fun with them, go and get  a color printer, scissors, some double-sided tape or glue and a whole lotta patience.

DL the Subject Delta PDF
DL the Little Sister PDF
DL the Big Sister PDF
DL the Toasty PDF
DL the Baby Jane PDF
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