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Xroom Paper Toy

Ahoy.. I’m finally back with a new paper toy, Xroom! Actually before I got this idea, I’m doing a rhino but then I feel like its too stiff in term of overall pose and shape. Looking back to most of my previous work which doesn’t have much movement to it, I feel like I wanted to do something with more kinetic design.

Xroom is a free runner that always go forward no matter what! Always confident, always progressing! » Read more

Wagashi Shop Papercraft (Confectionery Store)

A Wagasi shop paper model (aka confectionary store, aka sweet shop) added to Paper Museum’s mini stores collection. Hat tip to Janet A. for the links and info.

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Flipper Papercraft (DSiWare)

Flipper papercraft by Paper Foldables based on Goodbye Galaxy Games’ 3D puzzle platform game for the Nintendo DSiWare. Download here

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