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Rommy Small House

i felt bad when i went back at Rommy . it’s been a while and i didn’t realize that i’ve missed many models. uggh! here’s “Small House”: enjoy.

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Bamboo Blade – Kirino Chiba

from Bamboo Blade wikipedia Kirino Chiba is a second year high school student, and the captain of the kendo club. Energetic and enthusiastic, she dreams of leading the team to the nationals. Her family owns a deli named “Chiba Deli”

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Bamboo Blade – Tamaki Kawazoe

from Bamboo Blade wikipedia Tamaki Kawazoe is a first year high school student who is nicknamed “Tama-chan” for short. Despite being a kendo prodigy, she does not see it as a hobby, but rather just as a chore honed at her home, which happens to be a kendo dojo led by her father.

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