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Orange Star MD Tank by Ricardo J. Souza

Ricardo Junglos from Brazil sends in this picture of an Orange Star MD Tank .   It’s the first model he built from my site , and although he wouldn’t say it’s perfect, he thinks it’s 90% and he wants to do better next time. But the important thing is that he had fun building it!   UPDATE: Ricardo wanted to share his retouched version of this Orange Star MD Tank with you! You can download a ZIP-file with the parts here (938 kB)   Thank you for building this Ninjatoes’ papercraft model! Posted in Hall of Fame

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U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205 by Bones McCoy

You may remember I posted Bones’ retexture of the  U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205  a little while back? Well, here’s a picture of it, by Bones himself! And here’s another one, of the bottom this time! You can see the extra details in the textures that Bones added, but because the parts have stayed the same, you can still use Bill Perry’s redraw instructions to build it! Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model! Posted in Hall of Fame

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Zora armor Link v2 by Toni Müller

  I intentionally made Zora armor Link and Hero outfit Link the same scale, so people could “mix and match” the sword and shield.   And that’s exactly what Toni did!   But he didn’t stop there; he also cut a hole in the face of Zora armor Link and replaced part of the face with that of Hero outfit Link , so that the black mask isn’t covering his mouth anymore!   And if you look carefully, you can also see that Toni added a little extra detail by cutting out little triangles from the top and bottom of the armor, to make it look even more “scale-like” like it does in the game

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