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Femme Fatale Foursome Papercraft (A Golden Age Valentine Special)

A girls night out in GASP land, featuring four Golden Age Femme Fatales for a very special Valentine’s Day (Catwoman, P’Gell, Huntress, and Black Beauty). Femme Fatale Foursome Papercraft

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Advance Wars Black Hole Missiles

085038 Black Hole Missiles  (21-12-2009) from Advance Wars Download: parts (552 kB ZIP file) instructions (753 kB PDF file) Pictures: Webshots album Posted in Advance Wars, Black Hole

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Zora armor Link v2 by Toni Müller

  I intentionally made Zora armor Link and Hero outfit Link the same scale, so people could “mix and match” the sword and shield.   And that’s exactly what Toni did!   But he didn’t stop there; he also cut a hole in the face of Zora armor Link and replaced part of the face with that of Hero outfit Link , so that the black mask isn’t covering his mouth anymore!   And if you look carefully, you can also see that Toni added a little extra detail by cutting out little triangles from the top and bottom of the armor, to make it look even more “scale-like” like it does in the game

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