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Bamboo Blade – Satori Azuma

from Bamboo Blade wikipedia Satori Azuma, a first-year high school student (that is, in the anime), is the fifth and the last person to join the Kendo Club. She is very talented in kendo. In fact, Satori is the second strongest in the club, with Tamaki being the strongest

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Bamboo Blade – Miyako Miyazaki

from Bamboo Blade wikipedia Miyako Miyazaki is a first year high school student nicknamed “Miya-Miya”.

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Bamboo Blade – Sayako Kuwahara

from Bamboo Blade wikipedia Sayako Kuwahara is a second year high school student who is described as being random and spontaneous, often changing her interests and goals. During her first year, she joins the Kendo Club, but would sometimes disappear for short periods of time, claiming to quit. She and Kirino have known each other since elementary school, and Kirino often calls her “Saya”

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