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Xroom Paper Toy

Ahoy.. I’m finally back with a new paper toy, Xroom! Actually before I got this idea, I’m doing a rhino but then I feel like its too stiff in term of overall pose and shape. Looking back to most of my previous work which doesn’t have much movement to it, I feel like I wanted to do something with more kinetic design.

Xroom is a free runner that always go forward no matter what! Always confident, always progressing! » Read more

Kissing Dolls Papercraft (Moving)

We have to say thanks for  Katsuyuki Shiga of PinoArt who create this Adorably cute kissing dolls (moving papercraft). You can turn the handle on this adorable paper craft and watch the little boy and girl dolls kiss! It makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day or a wedding, and can also be a fun, feel-good ornament for the home.


You can get this cute papercraft from:
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Ford Capri Papercraft (Zakspeed)

Ford Capri is a mid-zie sports car / hatchback coupe from the Ford Motor Company, this papercraft is based on the 1981 Ford Capri GR.5 – Zakspeed version. Ford Capri Papercraft (Zakspeed)

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