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Leafeon is a fox-like creature with plant, dog, and cat characteristics. Its body is tan colored. It has one shade of dark brown that is carried out on the tip of its paws, as its eye color, and in the center of the ear. It has sprouts growing all over it, making it look more like a plant. It has a longer sprout of its forehead. Leafeon ears and tail both share a leaf-like quality. » Read more

Pokemon Sharpedo Papercraft

Sharpedo (aka Samehader) is a Water type and Brutal Pokemon that is the evolved form of Carvanha, it resembles a regular shark that is cut in half. Download here

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Pokemon Growlithe Papercraft

Growlithe (aka Gardie) is a Fire and Puppy Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Arcanine, it resembles a cute puppy with tiger stripes. Download here

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Pokemon Growlithe Papercraft

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