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Pokemon Pichu Papercraft (ala Pikachu)

A special Pikachu-colored Pichu given to players who pre-ordered tickets for the 12th Pokémon movie in Japan. Pokemon Pichu Papercraft (ala Pikachu)

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Rondo Iron Man Papercraft

Papertoy Adventures couldn’t keep their excitement and had to build this cool Iron Man papercraft using their Rondo template, 6 weeks and counting down ^^. Make sure to let PA know if you want the other Iron Man characters to be created as well.

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How To Train Your Dragon Papercraft (Dreamworks)

In time for next week’s release of Dreamworks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon, the Curiosity Group has created three of the winged and scaly dragons for us to enjoy. Follow the link below to take you to the official site, click on the “ACTIVITIES” tab on the top menu, once a new page opens, click on the right scroll pointer and look for “3D DRAGONS”. The dragon characters are: Gronckle, Terrible Terror, and Night Fury

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