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Final Fantasy Papercraft – Moomba Doll

Moomba Doll papercraft based on Final Fantasy X, it’s one of several dolls that Lulu uses in her attacks. Download here

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Pokemon Papercraft – Torterra

Torterra (aka Dodaitos) is a grass and ground type Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of the Grotle, it resembles a giant green tortoise but with spikes and a tree on its back.

Torterra is pretty big and is built in 3 parts: Body, Shell, Tree. It is recommended to glue the trunk of the tree on the shell before closing the shell, it will be really easier to glue correctly. On the PDO, the first 6 pages are for the shell/trunk; start by building the top and close on the bottom. No real need to close it perfectly, the bottom will be hidden in the end.
Then the middle part (7 next pages) are for the body; start by building the head, then the body, the upper body and finally insert the legs. Let dry and glue the shell over the body.

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Patlabor Papercraft – AV98 Ingram 3

A 3rd variation to Paper Replika’s Patlabor papercraft, changes were made to its head and shoulders. DOwnload here myLot User Profile

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